Dine Around Town

Dine Around Town is a non-traditional congregate nutrition program that offers meals at local partner restaurants. Program Participants can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner during the week or weekend at no cost to them.  

Dine Around Town (DAT) is a direct service of Agency on Aging\Area 4 (AAA4). Program Participants must visit our Partner Restaurant(s) and order meals from our Dine Around Town menu. All meals are nutritionally balanced, pre-approved by a registered dietitian, and designed specifically to fit the needs of older adults. Each meal includes vegetables, protein, grains or starch, fruit and dairy. Our Dine Around Town meals must be consumed at the restaurant. We encourage everyone to carpool and socialize with other Program Participants or invite family or friends to join them. Only pre-approved Program Participants can receive free meals. 

All DAT meals are provided as a dine-in meals only. Take-out meals or meal-delivery is no longer available. Any leftovers can be taken home at Program Participant's responsibility.  DAT Team organizes monthly program meetings. All Program Participants are strongly encouraged to participate to learn about the program updates, and participate in nutrition education and other community resources.

As a non-profit organization, we like to offer Program Participants the opportunity to voluntarily contribute to the services they receive. All contributions are confidential, and no one will be refused service for not contributing. We will provide prepaid contribution envelopes to Program Participants on a monthly basis. Voluntary Program Participants contributions are also accepted via website.  

We appreciate any and all client contributions. All proceeds from client contributions go back to the program. Thank you!