Participant’s Stories

Meals on Wheels has helped me out tremendously. I have a roommate, who I’ve had to rely on for most of my meals. The Meals on Wheels program has helped to fill in the gaps in my nutrition. During my chemotherapy treatment, it helps to have a hot meal to look forward to everyday. The food is delicious! Please give everyone my thanks and appreciation!

-Nancy Finney YSMOW participant


JeanetteI moved from the Bay Area to Sutter County in 2016. I had lived my entire life in the Bay Area. Financially I just couldn't remain there, close to my family. In addition, my health was rapidly giving me a hard time. When one is alone and in unfamiliar surroundings, it's easy to fall into uncertainty and depression. I wondered; would this ever feel like home. It's taken years to create the home feeling.

I live in a 14-unit apartment building with some of the residents being much to themselves and missing family members such as myself. Over time the advent of Dining Around Town has brought some of us together in unexpected ways. We dine together with regularity and reach out in other ways, too.

I feel that Dining Around Town has been instrumental in creating a more normal existence which helps to create a sense of home. Reaching out has forced me to get out of my head, feeling sorry for myself, and not doing much to change it. It's a work in progress.

At first it was quite awkward, but dining with others in this building has helped to forge a healthier platform to work with... to be alive.

Thank you, Agency on Aging Area 4, for all that you do for us. I appreciate it so much. It's nice to say that I'm going home; and really mean it. “

-Jeanette Pufford, Dine Around Town Participant