Ways to Give


Stories From Our Volunteers

I joined the MOW YS volunteer team because it's a good cause. A lot of seniors are hungry, and what we do helps them out. You need to see their faces when we deliver them food. They are so thankful and appreciative. It always puts a smile on my face.

I have had too many rewarding experiences from delivering MOW YS meals to pick just one. After you deliver to them for a few weeks, they get to know you, and they open up to us. I think I know everyone's hobbies on my route. I enjoy what is going on with their lives. And the occasional hug is awesome!  It's made me realize that there are elderly out there that are hungry. And I am very blessed to have found this agency and position. I will be doing for as long as I can. - Steve Picanco


I always look for opportunities to give back to the community.  This Meals on Wheels opportunity appealed to me because some of our elderly and disabled residents do not have the availability to go outside of their homes to connect with loved ones, or even to socialize.  Bringing them their meals and taking the time to chat can sometimes brighten their entire day, and become something for them to look forward to.  Establishing connections is the highlight of why I do what I do.  When I ask if I am paid to volunteer, I tell them, yes, with your smile!

I have recipients who share their lives with me.  I know all about what they used to do when they were young.  They tell me about their kids and their spouses who have passed on. One man kept thanking me over and over again and told me how grateful he was that I came to see him. It has made me more determined to make sure our elderly do not feel discarded.  It has also caused me to reflect on my own journey to becoming older, and I have been more conscious of my choices in order to improve my health and quality of life. - Cherie Lacuna